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Our Story

We are a Mama and Daddy with two sons and three daughters. We have an unusual and grand history full of sadness and immeasurable joy. A few years back we decided to step away from the pressures of a more urban existence and pursue a small homestead. This blog will contain our updates, progress, way too many pictures of cute kids, loads of creativity, interesting thoughts, and, hopefully, some growth. Here’s the cast of characters:

Jonathan: He’s the dad, the guy on the tractor, the quiet, wonderful, astounding man I married.

Susanna: That’s me. I’m the mom, the wife, the writer, the seamstress, the cook, the laundress, the teacher (because we homeschool), and the knitter/crocheter.

Samuel: He’s almost ten years old and he’s kind, smart, and freckly.

Sasha: She’s seven years old, sweet, strong, adventurous, and tender.

Sylvia: She’s six years old, feisty, clever, and cute…don’t underestimate this one.

Jackson: He’s our almost three year old and into absolutely everything. He has sparkly eyes and he’s like redemption in sweet baby skin.

Emma Cate: She’s our roly poly new addition.

Also, you might want to know that we love Jesus. We are Christ followers and believe that He is the only way to heaven…but there’s so much more to it than that. There is grace and peace in abundance and so many gifts…everyday, every moment.


One comment on “Our Story

  1. Laura
    April 28, 2014

    Love your story, and your precious family. Don’t stop sharing your life, how will they know unless you tell them? He is good!!

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This site is the bee's knees


This site is the bee's knees

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This site is the bee's knees

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