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The Farm


I truly love living in the mountains. I love the misty mornings and the shady trees. I love the slow pace. In Florida, where I’ve spent the majority of my life, everything and everyone is bright and shining and beautiful. Here, there is shade and wildflowers and blurry edges where the wild meets the tamed.

sir henry II


We live on the side of a mountain and we really do have a smallish farm. Currently there are two gardens, chickens and ducks, a goat, rabbits, and plenty of empty stalls for the next round of pigs or cows we raise to stock the freezer. The husband wants to fence a pasture soon. Then we may have more permanent grazing cows or, if my girls get their wish, a horse to love.


There is always work. I mean, constantly. Things are rarely clean. Mud all seasons of the year. Right now the clover is blossoming and there are more spider webs than you can count in the garden. The trees are dripping with dew in the morning and bending over with the weight of their dense, green, leaves. Green, green, everywhere! Moss and vines and lettuce in the garden…tomato plants and an asparagus bed going to seed. When we first moved here I noticed regularly that everything in a city is clean and crisp whereas here things just sort of flow together and spill up in a big pile. There you find concreted flower beds and manicured medians by the roadways. Here there are huge swaths of wildflowers and tumble down barns. For me, who’s always been bookish and more content in a pony tail and jeans, this place fits.


I’m breathing in Summer time and feeling so lucky just to live in this small forgotten place. I literally feel like I’m living in a Lucy Maude Montgomery book most of the time. I don’t mean at all to imply that my life is perfect. I know I’m not and it’s not. We have dark days. I yell at my kids sometimes. I am decidedly not Anne of Green Gables. Sometimes the fact that my house is hardly ever clean and certainly not an accurate reflection of what a great interior decorator I am in my head…well, sometimes that bothers me. However, I truly don’t want to be anywhere else or doing anything else. I’m so happy here. And content. With the mess, with the ramshackle nature of my house, with my gorgeous and wild children, with my sweet little sewing label, with homeschooling and staying home almost all of the time, with letting myself get some wrinkles around my eyes.


2 comments on “The Farm

  1. Debbie Wylupek
    June 5, 2014

    loved reading this. what great perspective!

  2. Suzanne Makinson
    June 11, 2014

    So glad you are happy on the mtn…we are happy to have you!

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This site is the bee's knees


This site is the bee's knees

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This site is the bee's knees

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