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Chambray Washi tunic, a baby bubble, and some upcycled mocs

Just a quick post today since we are headed out the door for a family vacation in the midst of severe weather. Typical me. But we planned this trip and we can’t back out this late. So, here we go. In the midst of packing yesterday I decided to sew a few last minute projects…also, typical me. My sweet kids took these pictures of me wearing a modified Washi tunic.

washi chambray washi chambray washi chambray

It’s actually pretty cute on and these pictures don’t do it justice. Anyone want to be my full time blog photographer? I’m starting to need one. Job description involves following me around, possibly changing a diaper or two, and capturing gorgeous shots of my projects while photoshopping me in my jammies out of any picture. I’m still working on this washi pattern. I really like it, but I’ve been impatient to get it just right. I don’t care for shirring, so my brilliant sis in law gave me the idea to do the pleats for the front and back. I also trimmed the cap sleeve way down so that it wasn’t so much like a wing. I should have made the top more fitted and perhaps included an invisible zipper on the side. However, I wanted it looser so that I could nurse easily. Anyway, it was fun the way it turned out. The great thing about the washi is that it’s pretty flattering however it turns out. No wonder this pattern is loved by so many. After this quick sew I thought the baby needed a new outfit so I sewed up one of the rompers I had planned.

bonnie bubblebonnie bubble

I absolutely love it!! And I want to make about five more. I can see baby girl living in these this summer. To complete the outfit I cut up one of my old purses and made these baby mocs:

baby mods

AGH! SO CUTE! I may have to do a tutorial on these after my trip. Because I adore them. And now I want to get a bunch of old leather purses or coats from thrift stores and just sew baby shoes. They are so quick and satisfying. Have a great week friends! And thank you for all the kind words related to my last post. They mean so much. My family and I are planning to enjoy this time away together.


5 comments on “Chambray Washi tunic, a baby bubble, and some upcycled mocs

  1. Suzanne Makinson
    May 15, 2014

    Susanna, Jonathan turned out to be REALLY SMART…he married YOU!

  2. Tara
    June 1, 2014

    Oh please share the details on making the mocs! I would love to make some for my baby.

    • bluebarnfarm
      June 1, 2014

      Tara, I’d love to! I need to work on a tutorial. Hopefully soon!

  3. Ashley
    January 29, 2015

    I LOVE this bubble…do you have the pattern for it?

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This site is the bee's knees


This site is the bee's knees

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