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It’s finally Spring! This year Spring feels like a long awaited vacation. I’ve been sitting outside on my swivelly chair and just staring at our cherry tree in bloom. I’ve prematurely worn flip flops and shocked my poor pale feet with my defiance. I planted some frost tolerant greens in our garden and today I snapped off the first crispy asparagus shoot that was straining toward the sun. I ate it raw. Oh so delicious! We have five yellow chicks and two ducks living in a galvanized steel trough in our living room. My house smells like a chicken coop but I (sort of) love it. I’m finding it hard to homeschool on sunny days. I’d rather be walking or planting or sewing or just watching the sky. Next week is Spring Break and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been working on all the kids’ Easter attire. I probably put it off too long but I think I’ll be able to manage a miracle…especially with next weeks break from school. I’m ambitiously sewing: two pairs of Titchy Threads skinny jeans, two short sleeve boys shirts from this book, a Figgy’s dress for my oldest girl, another Figgy’s dress for my middle girl, and this Oliver + S dress for my baby girl. Plus assorted leggings and cardigans to match. I still have to shoe shop too. I hope that we somehow get a family picture out of the endeavor. We never seem to be all clean at the same time anymore. Before I began my Easter sewing, I was busy with some other projects shown above…undies for my sweet almost three year old, even though he refuses the potty with wild enthusiasm. Swim trunks for same feisty boy. And a gorgeous swim suit for one of the girls. Oh how I love swimsuit sewing!! I’m inspired to create more! The undies pattern is one I’ve had for years. It’s a pdf from “that darn kat” and I originally found it on etsy, however it doesn’t seem to be available any more.. I made up my own pattern for the swim trunks. The swimsuit top is from this book. And the swimsuit bottoms are mostly from this tutorial over at Mouse House Creations. I’ll check in next week with progress on my Easter Sewing.


2 comments on “Spring

  1. Joyce Wright
    April 10, 2014

    Where are you getting your cotton knits for the underwear and the fabric for the swimwear?

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This site is the bee's knees


This site is the bee's knees

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This site is the bee's knees

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