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Bumps Along the Way

Ever have those days? The ones that seem to stretch into a week and somehow everything is off. Even the slightest sense of “off” affects a household with four little ones. I often feel like parenting young children is like tightrope walking over a pit of chaos. It’s all smooth as silk with a fine breeze blowing through my hair until I bobble, and tumble, into a quickly engulfing tide of anarchy. Suddenly lunch isn’t ready until 2pm. Socks aren’t washed….let alone underwear. Snotty noses escape unwiped. Manners dissolve into whines. And I’m barely keeping my head above the waves.


This year hasn’t been the smoothest. Here’s my list of bumps along the way: 


We moved in March. Moving is always rough. This time we moved from a four bedroom house into the basement of my in-laws house. Our reasoning was this: we wanted to sell our house so that we can buy a farmhouse at the end of this year when the current owners move out. The farmhouse sits on family property and there is so much potential. It’s where we have wanted to be for so long. However, in order to make this a reality we need to sell our current home. I do not want to live through the nightmare of showing a house while four normal children make continual messes. So, we moved in with my delightful and wonderful in laws for (probably) a year. We packed up and crammed our family into two very large rooms. Of course, we have a bathroom to share as well. It’s an adventure. Truthfully, it’s been pretty great. Living in a small space has drawn each of us closer together. There are challenges to be sure, but we are definitely where we need to be right now.


I was hospitalized for a week in April, right after Easter. I suffered a stroke as a result of a chiropractic neck adjustment. Strange, but true. Honestly, it’s pretty miraculous that I’ve recovered at a steady and speedy rate. I’m grateful that I can walk without issue, keep up with my children (mostly), and I’m pain free. It’s been a blessing to be in a small space and living with family who loves us and always helps. I don’t think I’ll ever return to a chiropractor.  There are so many phone calls to be made regarding insurance, liability questions, and confusing medical bills. Yet, despite those things I can’t help but be overwhelmingly grateful that I’m able to see my children grow up. Still, that was a major bump in our road!


May brought unexpected travels to Florida for a family funeral. Traveling with children isn’t ever easy and we came home exhausted.


June brought new business dealings and so much garden work. We lost some of our produce because we were gone and the weeds ran amuck. We do have cucumbers, squash, onions, carrots, potatoes, and lots of green tomatoes right now. I just haven’t been able to keep up with the weeds! Every year our gardening adventures get more refined and we get a better idea of what we can handle. Learning means nothing is wasted right?!? I have learned that my ideal plan of working in the garden early in the morning and then after dinner is a great plan with little practical sense. Mostly because babies who cry in their strollers or ravenously eat dirt and little children who run from bees and pick the tomatoes before they ripen make for interesting “garden work”. Half my time is spent just instructing and watching them and I actually don’t get much work accomplished…in the garden anyway. I have been able to can several things so that’s a start!


July brought with it lots of rain and a contract on our house! Yay! That means we can buy the farmhouse we have been wanting… eventually. Maybe by December. In the meantime we are huddled all together in two rooms but now it’s not without purpose! A new phase has begun!


Jonathan has been working steadily to clear pastures and spread grass seed. Next will be fencing and building goat pens. He’s going to a goat sale today so we may end up with some baby goats soon! The farmhouse we hope to buy overlooks one of our pastures with a view beyond that of the mountains. It’s serene and beautiful. Living in the country it’s interesting to me how quickly “the wild”, as I like to call it, can overtake an area that has been cleared. There has to be constant vigilance or poison ivy will twine around the trees, weeds will infiltrate, saplings sprout, water may erode a fence line, etc. “The wild” is still beautiful though. 


I’m busy planning out the next homechooling year. I ordered most of our curriculum and now I’m reviewing it all and doing some pre-planning so that by the time we begin school (probably by August 20th or before), things will go smoothly. It’s exciting to think that I’ll have three in school this year! How do they grow up so fast?


That’s my whirlwind update. I really need to upload some pictures….hopefully soon.



3 comments on “Bumps Along the Way

  1. Cathy Makinson
    July 23, 2012

    Loving the journey

  2. Suzi O
    August 11, 2012

    Hey sweet girl. I sure do miss you, Jonathan and the kids. I know you are all busy as usual! Jonathan posted on FB that you signed on the gym with April and Daniel…we would love to hear what’s going on with that! I am working (on my second job! hated the first one, but this should be ok). Louie is still looking so we appreciate your prayers for that. Love the blog, miss you on FB. email me when you get a minute!

  3. Bonnie
    August 29, 2012

    Life is full of bumps for sure :-). Bumps of all sizes coupled with many different emotions. So thankful for you and the grace given in the “Bumps Along the Way”.

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